img_waterdamage2Any number of things can cause water damage to your home or your commercial business. When water damage occurs, it is always best to react immediately because the potential for microbial growth to develop greatly increases after 72 hours. At this point, there is less probability in saving water damaged materials, resulting in a lengthier remediation and reconstruction time. For this reason, South River Restoration offers 24-hour emergency response. Be it the middle of the night or mid-day, our crews are on call when you need them to give back what disaster took.

What you can expect from SRR:

Upon receiving a call, a team of technicians led by one of our IICRC WRT and ASD certified supervisors will arrive with all equipment necessary to properly mitigate the problem at hand. Any standing water is extracted, and every attempt is made to restore carpet and contents that may have been affected. Moisture readings are taken, and the structure is fully prepared for drying, including the removal of drywall and carpet pad when necessary. The premise is treated with antimicrobial solutions to prevent mold growth, and drying equipment is put in place. Advanced structural drying methods and equipment are used in the event of severe or inaccessible water damage.

Whether your water loss is large or small, call the team that cares about your property at 800.460.0622.