The key to a successful claim is based upon solid communication.

South River Restoration appreciates its affiliation with Contractor Connection and the opportunity it brings. We understand that the key to a successful claim — for the carrier and the insured — is based upon solid communication.  That’s why we put a process in place that includes a claims liaison dedicated to overseeing all Contractor Connection jobs.

Power of Communication STOCK

Our goals:

1. Meet deadlines

2. Follow guidelines

3. Ongoing communication

All of these tied together help to ensure overall customer satisfaction.

With an ever-changing industry, an increase in claims and your workload, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted restoration partner. Our team has the experience, training, equipment, technology and desire to get the job done – on time and within budget – all while keeping your policyholder happy. Because in the end, it’s about your policyholder and ensuring their complete satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more about South River Restoration, please contact us at 800.460.0622 or to start the discussion today!