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September is Preparedness Month

Are you PREPARED in the event of a disaster? Do you know what to do? Does your family or co-workers have a plan in place? What if your cell phones don’t work? How will you get in touch with your family? Your work team? The importance of having an “emergency kit” on hand was driven into our brains right after 9/11, especially for those of us close to the Washington DC area. My mother was near the Pentagon when the tragedy took place. Fortunately, she was not physically hurt. But the days shortly after, each employee was instructed to create an emergency kit that would last for approximately three days. Items included the basics like water, granola bars, medicine and walking shoes. Thanks goodness she didn’t need it for the rest of her career…but she was prepared for any type of future disaster!

Because it’s not if, but when… Pipes burst. Storms happen. Bathrooms back up. Acts of violence occur. As restoration professionals, we’ve seen firsthand how water damage, fires, storms and crime scenes affect homes and families, as well as business and their tenants.

That’s why we support FEMA and in their efforts to promote emergency preparedness at home, the community and in the workplace. Thanks for all that you do!checklist_2014_Page_2

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