Rebuilding properties.  Restoring lives.

Rebuilding a commercial or residential structure after a disaster is a delicate and detailed process.  Our skilled craftsman are experienced in disaster reconstruction, and they always pay attention to all aspects of the process to ensure client satisfaction.  Because we are an emergency disaster response company, our sense of urgency is extremely high.  We communicate — in writing and verbally — on an ongoing basis so that you always know what is happening during the process.  All disaster repair projects are closely monitored for quality work and timeliness of completion.

Immediate Response Critical to Minimizing Loss

24 hours a day, seven days a week our crews are on hand for emergency structural repairs.  Immediate response is critical to secure broken windows, doors, tarp roofs and protect the property from further damage or unauthorized entrance. Sometimes, buildings receive so much structural damage they require demolition. South River Restoration is also experienced in all phases of demolition and able to oversee the demo process from permitting to the debris removal. We offer safe, timely and cost-effective structural demolition services for residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Whatever the cause of your disaster repair needs, our structural reconstruction team can handle any structural damage your property may have seen, and we’ll restore it to its pre-disaster condition. We can repair cracked foundations, replace windows, lay flooring, hang drywall, or rebuild walls and constructing framing.

Whether your loss is large or small, call the team that cares about your property at 800.460.0622.