Agents are the policy holder’s first impression of the insurance industry and generally receive the first notice of loss from their policy holders. South River Restoration understands the delicate balance you must maintain between your insured’s and your insurance carriers. It is for this reason that South River Restoration has pre-positioned its’ self as a preferred vendor with all major insurance carriers. You can feel confident that when South River Restoration is on the job our commitment to you and your policy holder is total customer satisfaction.


With the industry changing and workloads and claim volume increasing South River Restoration is there to help you with decades of experience, cutting edge restoration technology, the highest trained staff in the country, the largest specialized equipment inventory in the mid-Atlantic, and the most advanced Personal Property Restoration Center in existence. We share the same goals, reduce T.I.P., reduce overall claim costs, and total customer satisfaction.


The symbiotic relationship that a Broker has between their clients and the carriers is quite unlike any other in the insurance industry. South River Restoration understands that client retention and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and has established itself as a preferred vendor with all major insurance carriers. This allows for more expedient and cost effective.

Risk Managers

South River Restoration has a unique understanding of the evolving tasks that Risk Managers face today, that managing the uncertainty of threats and managing the allocation of critical resources to respond to them can be a daunting task, as well as the increased exposure retained with today’s high deductibles. South River Restoration works closely with all levels of risk management to develop strategies that help you identify, quantify, limit, manage, and mitigate risks that are critical to the on-going availability and function of critical facilities.