GB Apt Fire Feb 2014As if a fire itself is not destructive enough, its repercussions do not stop once the firefighters extinguish the blaze. Highly acidic smoke and soot caused by the burning of common synthetics, combined with water from the firemen’s hose, makes possessions unsalvageable within just a few days. Rapid response to fire damage is necessary to repair and restore your home or business.

We provide fire damage restoration and repair to your home or business from the ground up while remaining receptive and sensitive to your needs during such a devastating event. First, SRR staff secures the building—boarding up walls and sealing the roof, if needed. Making sure your belongings are secure is our top priority. Next, the clean-up begins. We remove all of the mess and take care of complete debris removal. Special equipment is used to chemically remove the smoke odor from your structure. We don’t cover the smell, we remove it. Any contents that have been damaged by soot and smoke, but remain salvageable, are transferred to our climate controlled facility.

We’ll dry clean your clothes, the furniture, and even your carpets. We can dry documents, restore your photos, and clean your electronics. And of course, we work with your insurance company to coordinate your claim, and help you get your life back on track. Our fire damage reconstruction experts work quickly to give back what disaster took.

Whether your fire loss is large or small, call the team that cares about your property at 800.460.0622.