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Prepping Your Property for Winter

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So it might reach nearly 90 degrees on this Fall day…but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking about winter and preparing for it! Winter storms can impact any property, large or small, but there are certain steps  you can take to help prevent serious damage. Preparation is key in avoiding winter storm damage repair.  As… Read more »

Winter Ready: Apartment Checklist

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Winter is only a few weeks away.   We’ve heard on the news it’s going to be the coldest winter in the recent history.  Then we hear, 2016 has so far been one of three most mild years since weather folks have been tracking it.  So, which is it? We suppose it depends on the… Read more »

Winterization: Are you prepared?

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Okay, so it might still feel like the dog days of summer, but it’s truly time to start thinking about getting prepared for the winter months (don’t say POLAR VORTEX!).  Seriously, winters can go much more smoothly if all — homeowners, property managers and board members — work together to do due diligence to ensure… Read more »