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VIDEO: Moore’s Minute: 6 tips on Before Help Arrives Part 1

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Your property is flooded! Help is on the way…but what should you do before the professionals arrive? In this three-part series, we will take you through a few key steps to help minimize costs and additional damage. And, most importantly, keep people safe!

VIDEO: Moore’s Minute: Apartment Fire

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Being in a fire is not only dangerous for the firefighters, but also for the teams that come in to determine the point of origin and clean up after the fire has been extinguished.  Here’s a snapshot of what restorations professionals encounter.

September is Preparedness Month

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Are you PREPARED in the event of a disaster? Do you know what to do? Does your family or co-workers have a plan in place? What if your cell phones don’t work? How will you get in touch with your family? Your work team? The importance of having an “emergency kit” on hand was driven into… Read more »