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Prepping Your Property for Winter

& Commercial, Winter Weather.

So it might reach nearly 90 degrees on this Fall day…but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking about winter and preparing for it! Winter storms can impact any property, large or small, but there are certain steps  you can take to help prevent serious damage. Preparation is key in avoiding winter storm damage repair.  As… Read more »

VIDEO: Moore’s Minute Category of Water

& Commercial, Water Damage.

The overall cleanliness of water affects how a professional restoration company will clean up the affected areas.  There are three levels of water loss: 1. Clean, 2. Gray and 3. Black.  In this short video, Jeff defines the different levels and discusses approaches to clean  up.  And, what NOT equipment to use in a Category… Read more »

VIDEO: Moore’s Minute: 6 tips on Before Help Arrives Part 1

& Commercial, Emergency Preparedness, Water Damage.

Your property is flooded! Help is on the way…but what should you do before the professionals arrive? In this three-part series, we will take you through a few key steps to help minimize costs and additional damage. And, most importantly, keep people safe!