Monthly Archives: September 2014

Monthly Archives: September 2014

Do It Yourself Mold Removal? Beware of Mold Spores!

& Mold.

Hiding in the Shadows DID YOU KNOW that mold can develop in your home or business and all it takes are three common things?1.    Moisture: Mold needs moisture to grow, which is why you see it all the time in showers and baths… and, unfortunately, in basements. You can clean up the mold in a… Read more »

Water Damage Do’s and Don’ts

& Water Damage.

Check out our latest infographic by clicking on the “Water Damage Do’s and Don’ts” title above on the causes of water damage and tips on prevention!

September is Preparedness Month

& Emergency Preparedness.

Are you PREPARED in the event of a disaster? Do you know what to do? Does your family or co-workers have a plan in place? What if your cell phones don’t work? How will you get in touch with your family? Your work team? The importance of having an “emergency kit” on hand was driven into… Read more »

When a Home or Business Water Pipe Breaks

& Water Damage.

When a pipe breaks. South River Restoration DID YOU KNOW that every home and business has water pipes, sewer pipes and lots of other pipes? Of course you do, and you also know that they can leak and break and create quite a mess. One thing that you need when this happens is a company… Read more »